If you’ve been thinking about booking a luxury photo session but are waiting for the right moment, the wait is over! There are so many reasons to celebrate yourself with this type of investment, and you deserve it! But if you’re still trying to justify booking a photo session with me, here are the top reasons clients walk into my studio.

outdoor photo session

You’ve done something amazing.

Maybe you’ve been promoted into a job that you have wanted your whole life, or maybe you finally got your degree. Perhaps you just dropped your last child off at college, and you are looking to spice up your romance after putting all your effort into raising children. Or did you finally quit that job you hated, and made your passion project your career, and need new headshots? Whatever you are celebrating, do it with a luxury photo session. You deserve a day of pampering and glam creating gorgeous photos to commemorate your accomplishments. You’ll look back at the photos and remember how worthy you felt that day!

dance photo session

You love your body and want to celebrate it.

So many women book a photo session with me to celebrate the skin they are in. Many women are celebrating a milestone birthday and want to photograph how gracefully they’ve aged. Other women come after weight loss, surgery, childbirth, or overcoming a health scare and want to highlight their body’s strength. Come to my studio and celebrate YOU “flaws” and all. 

model photo session

You are in a rut. 

Maybe you are finding yourself at a low point in your life. You’re getting divorced, lost your employment, or grieving a loss. Booking a luxury photo session might seem like something that you don’t need right now, but actually, it just may be exactly what you need to help pick you up!  Appreciate every part of yourself and begin a journey toward self-love and self-care. If you’re feeling down, those are good things to make a priority!

beauty photo session

You want a unique gift for your significant other.

Many women book a photo session because they want to gift their photos to someone special. There is literally nothing better than the look on your significant other’s face when they open an album of pictures of YOU! Some like to gift these photos at holidays or as pre-wedding gifts for their soon-to-be spouse, and their partners rave about the pictures. There is nothing sexier than a woman with confidence, and trust me, that confidence will come through in all the photos and leave your significant other with their jaw on the floor. 

portrait photo session

You need new branding photos. 

Need to update your branding photos? Book a Branding photo session! This is an excellent opportunity to rebrand yourself and freshen up the way you present yourself to future employers or clients. 

branding photo session

Just Because. 

I’ve given you five rock-solid reasons why I think you should book a session with me, but I really believe you don’t need one. You deserve to make yourself a priority and to put yourself first for once. Treat yourself to this luxury experience!

boudoir photo session

 So, if you woke up this morning and put one foot in front of the other, you have earned yourself this session. Let it change your life.  

Done making excuses for why you haven’t booked a boudoir session? Contact me today to schedule your photo session.