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The Ultimate Guide to Modeling Digitals

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned model, this guide will provide you with all the information you need about modeling digitals.

What Are Modeling Digitals?

Modeling digitals, also known as “Digital Polaroids” are a set of unedited photographs that capture your natural look and are an important tool for getting booked in the modeling industry. provide agencies with a clear, honest representation of what you look like in real life. Typically shot against a plain white background with soft lighting, these images focus on showcasing your body, face, and unique features.

Why Are Modeling Digitals So Important?

While some may opt for DIY digitals, the quality and composition of professionally taken images can significantly increase your chances of catching an agency’s eye. My experience in lighting, posing, and capturing the essence of a model can give you the edge you need in this highly competitive industry.

First Impressions: These images often serve as your first impression to agencies and clients and have a strong impact on the decision of whether or not to sign you. 

Authenticity: Digitals present you in your most natural state, allowing agencies and potential clients to see your true look.  

Industry Standard: High quality digitals are not just a recommendation; they’re an industry standard.

The Anatomy of a Good Digital

A good set of digitals should capture you in a variety of simple poses. It should also include closeups of your face with and without a smile. The attire is usually form-fitting clothes like skinny jeans and a tank top for women or fitted jeans and a t-shirt for men.

  1. Angles and Distances: We’ll capture full-body, 3/4, and headshot distances, from frontal to profile shots.
  2. Minimal Posing: The focus is on natural poses, and we’ll take a few variations to capture your range.
  3. Dynamic Expressions: While the aim is to keep it natural, a variety of expressions can showcase your personality and versatility.

Our Unique Approach

Guided Posing: We provide real-time feedback during the shoot to ensure you look your best.

Immediate Selection: Choose your images right in the studio immediately after your session.

Quick Turnaround: In most cases you will receive your digitals on the same day as your session!

How to Prepare for Your Digitals Session


Cleanse and moisturize: Your skin should be clean and well-moisturized to look its best under soft light.


Freshly styled or cut: Your hair should be styled in a way that feels most ‘you,’ but it should also be neat and freshly cut if possible.

What to Wear

Form-fitting garments: Opt for clothes that fit well but aren’t too tight.
For women a fitted t-shirt, tank, bodysuit or sports top with fitted jeans or yoga pants are good options.
For men a fitted t-shirt or tank and jeans or fitted sweats is recommended.

Neutral colors: Stick to solid, neutral colors like black, white, or gray with black being the most common.
Well-fitting blue jeans are also acceptable.

Optional Second Look:
For models who need a second look, a plain black or white bikini is recommended for women. Men can wear fitted trunks or shorts and go shirtless.
*You should only do a second look if your agency or the type of modeling you do requires it.


Minimal or none: The idea is to show what you look like without makeup or styling. Using a little to cover some blemishes is okay, however, it’s important keep it to a minimum so it looks natural and does not attract attention


Simplicity is the key to creating good digitals. Standing with arms at your sides, looking at the camera or away is acceptable. Your professional photographer should be able to guide your posing for a few options to choose from for each pose.

Expression should reflect the type of modeling you will be doing and not be totally blank. Emote! Feel free to show a little personality, especially if you’re going for a commercial look; fashion models may want to give a bit more attitude.

Your photographer should be able to guide you through posing as they capture full body, 3/4 and headshots from 3 general angles.


What’s the difference between a headshot and modeling digitals?

A headshot is a retouched photograph that focuses on capturing your face and personality, often styled to show you in a polished or creative light. In contrast, modeling digitals are unedited, straightforward images that capture your natural look and body proportions for casting purposes.

How quickly will I receive my images?

You’ll select your preferred images right after the session and the digital files can usually be uploaded do you on the same day.

Can I use these images for my portfolio?

Absolutely! The high resolution images you receive are perfect for your digital portfolios. Your agency will likely want to use them on their website, and that’s okay too!

Do you Do Modeling Headshots, Test Shoots, and Styled Portfolio Photos?

Yes, yes, and yes!
In addition to digitals I can take your headshots and create styled images with you. If you’re interested in booking multiple types of sessions on the same day, get in touch so we can design the session and the styles around whatever you need.

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How much do digitals cost?

While some models try to DIY their digitals with a cellphone or find an amateur photographer to save money, working with an experienced pro photographer like me can significantly increase your chances of getting signed.

An experienced professional will know exactly how to capture your angles, create sharp clear images, and help you get good expressions, the resulting images will stand out against DIY and amateur images.
When you submit professional digitals, there is a good chance that agency reps may be positively influenced by your willingness to invest in yourself and your modeling career.

For all these reasons hiring a pro for your Digitals are an investment worth making. 

A set of digitals from a professional can typically cost anywhere from about $250-$500 or more depending on many factors including the experience level of the photographer, and the market (big cities typically cost more).

Although I have nearly 20 years of experience, I made a conscious decision to keep my digitals pricing low in order to to be accessible to as many models as possible. Current pricing can be found below in the Booking section.

Book Your Digitals Session Below

Every client is treated like a Celebrity, and every session as a collaboration.

Reach out and let us begin planning your perfect photo session today.

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