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For one day only I will set up a headshot studio all day at my loft in San Jose at Museum Park 465 W. San Carlos St, San Jose and I am happy to offer individuals an opportunity to take advantage of group pricing for a 30 minute professional headshot session.

Availability is limited and in order to take advantage of the special pricing you must book your appointment online.

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Headshot day FAQ

What is Headshot Day?

Headshot day is an economical way to get a professional headshot without the expense of having me come to your office to shoot you alone. By setting up a headshot studio in a single location for an entire day I am able to offer 30 minute sessions with a choice of backgrounds and unlimited wardrobe changes and distribute the cost of travel and other expenses over several clients instead of burdening one or two.

Of course if you want me to shoot several of your colleagues or your entire team, I am happy to set up a headshot day at your office. Simply send me an email with the location, a few dates that would work, and the number of individuals that need headshots. Also include any special requirements or requests (such as a background choice, a date when you need the photos ready, etc… ). I will get back to you with a quote or a request for more information.

Why does it take 30 minutes?

I like to take the time to get to know you a bit while we prepare and shoot. I feel it helps me capture a more natural and authentic looking you. As we work together any nervousness will likely lessen or go away completely. Having 30 minutes will also allow us to try a few different looks such as jacket on or off, with or without a tie, etc… or possibly try a few backgrounds.

As we shoot, your images will instantly download to my laptop and be displayed on a screen so you can see what we’re shooting as we go. This will allow us to make adjustments quickly and give you a sense of how good you really look and before the end of the session you can pick the photo you want.

Everyone’s face is different and I’ll use a little time to make adjustments to the lighting to best suit yours. Also if you wear glasses I’ll have to work the light to avoid distracting reflections.

Finally the 30 minutes should give us ample variety of photos to make your selection from.

Of course, we can always end early if we don’t need all 30 minutes, but I find it’s better not to rush if we don’t have to.

What Are My Options?

The first option is whether you would like to shoot on a dark background or a light one. I can make white appear pure and bright or darken it through various shades of gray. I will have black background paper as well, and if you like, we may try a few shots outside.

Other options are related to wardrobe (more on that below), lighting and expression.

Can I Take My Headshot Outside?

Yes! Weather permitting, of course. Museum Park has a nice outdoor area outside my loft. We can easily step outside and take a few shots to add variety to the collection.

How Should I Prepare?

Men should come with hair and beard neatly groomed and dressed appropriately for your profession. For some that means jacket and tie while others will want to dress more casually. Avoid busy patterned shirts or jackets – solid colors tend to work best so as not to draw attention away from the face. Bring a few shirts, ties and jackets so we have some options. Again, we will have 30 minutes so that should give us a little time to try different looks. It would also help if you bring your favorite brush or comb and hair product in case we need a touch up.

Women should come with basic makeup – typical of what would be appropriate for your profession. Even if you don’t wear makeup to work, you should at least bring some with you in case we need to touch up or emphasize certain features a bit, such as eyes. Hair should be neat and clean and styled the way you like.

Getting your makeup professionally done is also a good option. If you decide to go this route, let your makeup artist know that you’re going for a professional headshot, that the makeup should be appropriate for your profession, and that you will be taking a flash photograph. I am not an expert on makeup however from my experience I have noticed that some foundations or concealers have reflective properties which I speculate may offer UV protection. Under flash these do not reflect a natural skin color and therefore should be avoided.

You should bring clothes appropriate for your profession. You can try blazers, blouses, or dresses. Avoid super wide or low necklines as the shot will be cropped around the sternum and some necklines may make you appear to be nude! As with men, avoid busy patterns – solid colors work best. Bring a few options.

For both men and women make sure your wardrobe is clean and pressed. I’ll try to have an iron available on-site for emergencies but it’s best if you come prepared to shoot. Jewelry can be worn, but kept simple so as not to draw attention away from your face.

If you normally wear glasses I recommend you wear them for your headshot. If you’re not sure we can try a few with them on and a few with them off to see what works best. Sunglasses should not be worn in a professional headshot, so you won’t be needing them.

What if I Want More that One Photo?

The special group rate package includes one professionally retouched photo, but you may select more than one if you like. Additional photos can be requested for $60 each and you can pay for any additional photos at the session.

Can I Bring a Friend, Colleague or Relative for a Headshot?

Yes! Anyone you refer can take advantage of the same rate, but like you they must book an appointment online. Please share the booking link with them.

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